This year was a rollercoaster ride for famous YouTube woman Trisha Paytas. In January of 2016, her boyfriend, Sean van der Wilt, was the man of her dreams. As a professional dancer, he worked for a variety of musicians such as: Usher, Cher, and Michael Jackson. He taught lessons on choreography, and his fiery persona attracted Paytas over time. They met on the set of her music video "Merry Trishmas," and their comedic conversations sparked a passionate affair. Rifts between the couple were documented on Paytas' channel, and followers became acquainted with her tears, wild weave, and kitchen floor.

They shamed her for her relationship, and they degraded Wilt. Unfortunately, it took a lawsuit for Paytas and Wilt to sever ties completely.

Pull out or get out!

Paytas uploaded a recent video titled "he didn't pull out." In under ten minutes, she ranted about her haters (back off!), homosexuals, and hetero-hookups. Even though she announced her sexual orientation to the masses, viewers were still confused. She proclaimed she's a lesbian, but her casual flings included both sexes. In the aforementioned clip, she explained that one saucy encounter involved a male friend. He never used a condom, and he never "pulled out." The risky event could result in a pregnancy, and no matter how big or small her chances, Paytas was worried.

The one-night stand created a special kind of disgust within her, and she needed a hot shower just to feel whole again. Through her pain, Paytas discovered her true identity, and that was an early Christmas gift in itself.


During the same recording, Paytas was seen eating a banana, drinking water, and sporting a bra designed by Wilt himself.

She demeaned his brand, but her shout-out gained him more money. His website showcased several clothing items with a few slogans to boot. His noted motto BAM (Be Ahh Mazing) was verbalized obsessively during his taped interactions with Paytas. Wilt expressed his thoughts with at least one BAM in tandem, but now, the phrase shapeshifted into an irony. Be amazing to not just yourself, but to everyone around you -- if you don't, it could cost you.