'Pokémon GO' is expected to host a Christmas promotion this year, according to player speculation.

Has the game employed holiday celebrations before?

The game hosted previous promotions for earlier holidays this year. Reportedly, players were able to receive double points and candies for Halloween and Thanksgiving promotions. A previous December promotion, possibly unrelated to the holiday season, featured an update to the game in which a collection of Second Generation Pokémon characters were added as collectible babies.

In addition, another update shows the game is aware of the December holidays, as the Pikachu character can be seen wearing a Santa Claus hat within the game, that players have the option of catching.

According to reports, the Raichu character, who is the evolved form of the Pikachu character, can also be cached with a Santa Claus hat as well.

What do the players think is being planned?

While nothing has been confirmed, however, fans and players are starting to speculate that another Christmas-themed event will be coming up in the game before the holiday. There have been at least two Easter eggs found by players that suggest that the game could employ a Christmas-themed update. First, players have noticed the inclusion of multi-colored present-themed icons within the game, with a currently unknown purpose. Second, a new code has been found within the game called “HasHolidayItems.” There is also said to be a new icon with the Shop button, which also notably resembles a Christmas present.

It is also believed to have a part in a possible promotion.

However, if a Christmas promotion were to be employed within the game, it would be a late measure. Added to that, the company has not announced anything themselves, so a Christmas promotion would likely be intended as a last-second surprise. Speculation over the event was particularly instigated by the Silph Road website (a website devoted to reporting on updates of the Pokémon game), admitting that they were still “grasping at straws,” but believe that fans may still receive free gifts within the game.