"Days Of Our Lives" has had a lot of good drama lately. This week will not disappoint fans! The residents of Salem are busy getting things straightened out between Christmas and New Year's Day. Don't continue to read if you don't want to know!

Abigail, Chad, and Gabi triangle

Abigail is threatened by the relationship she sees Gabi developing with her husband, and confronts her. No worries, though, Chad is feeling betrayed by his wife, but the bottom line is that they still love each other, and he asks Abigail to come back home to him and Thomas.

Was this his decision or because of Jennifer begging him to believe in her daughter?

Kate is busy discovering dirt. She is on to Eduardo and his schemes. In the meantime, they plan a romantic New Year's Eve together. Kate thinks she has found a corporate thief and it is Andre.

Things are moving on in the investigation into Stefano's death. Shane finds something on him. Rafe needs the help of Kate and Andre so that he can have Stefano's body exhumed.

JJ is let in on a little secret by Lani on New Year's Eve. He finally knows that she was the one night stand from Florida. All of this after Rafe told him not to give up on Gabi. What to do, what to do?

Chloe's secret won't remain secret

Deimos and Brady work together to expose Chloe's secret.

Of course Nancy was in on it with her! Chloe learns that some secrets aren't meant to be, and faces the fact that it will all come to light.

Adrienne still has two men on the hook. They are both supporting her through the cancer and chemo. Will she ever make a decision?

Anne decides it is time to go for her dream job. She wants to work at The Spectator.

Jennifer will be her editor. Good thing Jennifer doesn't hold grudges or Miss Anne would be in a world of hurt.

As Joey and Jade come together on common ground for parenting, Jade's dad is livid! Also happening in the Johnson household is a huge revelation of Steve and Kayla from Shane. Is this the same information that has Marlena, Roman, and Rafe shocked as well?

With New Year's Eve coming, some relationships will change forever in Salem.