"Vanderpump Rules" star Lala Kent is under the limelight and being scrutinized by her co-stars. There is a lot of speculation regarding her love life and she isn't helping by not coming clean about who her boyfriend is.

Lala Kent joined the SUR Restaurant staff in season 4 after Stassi Schroeder's role decreased in season 3. All was good at first. Kent fit in with the gang and got along with everyone. She even got along with James Kennedy despite his differences with several of the other casts members.

Rumors about Lala's love life

"Vanderpump Rules" is now in season 5 and the drama is full force around Lala Kent.

She is at odds with most of her co-stars, with the exception of James Kennedy. The girls are all talking about her inappropriate relationship with a married man. The rumors don't stop there, either. Apparently the rumor mill is worried about who paid for Kent's new Range Rover. Could it be the married man?

Lala Kent could put a stop to it all. She could say who her boyfriend is on the show. That would end the rumors and kill the opportunity for more rumors to be spread. She has chosen to keep her personal life personal but has flatly denied the allegations.

Is she making it worse for herself?

Now, don't get the impression that Lala Kent is a victim here. She has done some things to add fuel to the fire with her co-stars.

When they returned for season 5, she was quick to point out that Katie had put on a few pounds. While some called it "fat-shaming," Kent preferred to call it "Katie-shaming," showing that it was personal.

Lala Kent has taken to Twitter to vent over these issues. Her tweets show she harbors some resentment for the majority her co-stars.

Of course, the rumors being spread and then landing on her like a boulder would be a bit upsetting. She claims she hadn't heard a thing until it was all dumped on her at once.

Some Twitter fans have pointed out that this isn't the first time Katie, Kristen and Stassi have ganged up on someone over a married man. Remember Scheana Shay in season 1? She had been involved with a married man before the show, and her co-stars never let it go.