The latest season of the E! hit show “The Royals” is back. Finally. We could not be more excited. Fans of the show or “Loyals” have long been in anticipation for the return since the last season ended in the Spring. Doubtless, countless questions were left on the minds of everyone as a certain mysterious "HRH Henstridge" appeared washed up on a lonely beach. And after a shocking paternity scandal, Queen Helena was last seen breaking into the tomb of her dead husband, the King.

The royal update

The new season picks up on the show after two weeks even though it’s been a dreadfully long summer and fall for the rest of us.

Prince Liam quite literally has been battling demons. His role in the public execution of former head of security, Ted, weighs heavily on his mind. Ted’s daughter, Ophelia, Liam’s on again, off again love interest is also missing. And the British people, are clamoring for #KingLiam. It seems too that the Queen, learning from her past mistakes, has taken somewhat of an active interest in the lives of her remaining children. Though, a certain case of mistaken identity proves that some lessons aren’t as quickly learnt as others.

The royal scandals

The malicious and dastardly King Cyrus is still finding ways to steal our hearts through his barbs and quips with the Queen.

We’re treated to a makeover montage as well as hilarious and not so subtle attempts at thwarting Queen Helena. He also makes for a particularly nasty version of the “Bubble Boy." Cyrus just might be the Queen’s last chance of proving Liam and Eleanor’s paternity, given the fact that King Simon's tomb held more surprises and not actually King Simon.

And then there's Eleanor. Lovely yet wild Princess Eleanor, whose character has undergone a bit of growth. Especially in the wake of her father’s murder and the subsequent betrayal by her bodyguard turned lover, Jasper. Jasper appears to have come a long way from his days of subterfuge, blackmail and attempted robbery. So we’re pulling for these two.

Though if he lets Eleanor paint enough of his shirt, she’ll come around eventually. We are waiting impatiently but Jaspernor forever.

The royal treatment

"The Royals" are back and dare I say it, they are better than ever. But, they're just getting warmed up. Some Tthings I'm anxiously looking forward to this season include Liam finding peace, a stable love and the throne, Eleanor and Jasper's reconciliation, and Prince Robert giving up his Robinson Crusoe lifestyle. Also, I would absolutely adore more of that divine soundtrack. ”The Royals" are back and the Loyals are cheering. See them every Sunday at 10/9 central on E!