george michael was in bed when his boyfriend arrived and tried to wake him for a Christmas lunch they had planned to attend. He was dead, "gone," said his long-time boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz. When Fawaz arrived at the home of Michael, he was "lying peacefully in bed," but he wasn't alive. The 53-year-old iconic pop star died alone in his home.

Bloated version of iconic singer

According to the Telegraph, Michael's self-indulgent lifestyle had left him a bloated version of the George Michael his fans remember. He was reported to be battling a heroin addiction and he'd been treated recently for a heroin overdose, reports the Telegraph.

Fawaz said they don't know what happened, although his cause of death is a heart attack, according to his manager Michael Lipman.

Heart attack

Cardiac arrest is common among heroin users, reports the Telegraph. A source told the media that on several occasions Michael had been rushed to A&E because of his heroin use. The person reporting this said they thought "it was amazing that he lasted as long as he has."

Christmas lunch

Fawaz mentioned that things had been a bit "complicated lately," but he adds that this Christmas lunch was something that both he and Michael were looking forward to. He also added that "now everything is ruined." Fawaz also wants his fans to remember Michael how he was.

Make-shift memorial

His neighbors in Goring-on-Thames spoke highly of Michael who moved into his home back in 1999. Michael bought his home, which is now created into a makeshift memorial with flowers and notes, for 1.5 million pounds. The Christmas decorations were still lit up outside his home as people dropped by to leave flowers and notes in memory of the iconic singer.

The corner pub, not too far from Michael's home, was a place that he frequented often in years past, but as time went on his visits were fewer and farther between said the owner of the pub. He didn't look like George Michael anymore and he was very self-conscious about the way he did look. He had gotten much bigger and he wore glasses, said the pub manager.

Michael was last seen Christmas Eve

The last time Michael was seen was on Christmas Eve. People of the village saw him watching from the window of his home as the torchlight procession passed his house. The next morning he was found dead by his boyfriend. Police have ruled out any suspicious death. Although "insiders" are reporting Michael was spiraling out of control with a heroin addiction, there is no official word on this as of yet