“General Hospital” spoilers from today’s GH on Monday, December 26th say that we finally got a clue about who Nelle is and it seems that it’s the link that “GH” watchers have suspected all along. Fans hoping that “GH” writers weren’t redoing the plot where Carly tormented Bobbie should be crushed.

Nelle is Carly’s kid?

Today was the big day when Michael escorted Nelle home and tipped over her box of mementos. Predictably Nelle freaked so Michael backed off and then after he left, Nelle showed us the tarnished silver rattle and the name engraved on it is Caroline.

There has been a ton of speculation and “GH” rumors that Nelle was Skye’s daughter or even Charlotte Robert’s kid (that was Carly’s BFF from high school who died in a car crash). Unless that rattle is a big misdirection, it appears that “GH” is making Nelle a child of Carly.

Really “GH?" Really?

With Nelle operating strictly from Carly’s playbook by sleeping with Sonny (although it’s a lie), “GH” watchers wondered if this was history repeating itself. Still others hoped that “General Hospital” wouldn’t dig up that messy plot and recycle it. Have they? Really?

There aren’t many other Carolines in Port Charles’ history. Lee Baldwin married a Caroline who died years ago and that’s it. Caroline could be Nelle’s birth name so it might be a coincidence and her name was changed by her adoptive parents.

Please let it be so.

Bobbie complications

If the rattle Nelle has means she’s Carly’s kid, it also means she’s Bobbie’s grandkid. The rattle maybe came from Bobbie who left it with Carly as a baby. Then pregnant teen Carly gave her baby up and passed on the item from her birth mother. What a mess!

That means it’s a near identical story playing out.

It also means that when all this comes spilling out (assuming the rattle isn’t a false clue), that Carly and Bobbie and everyone else must accept Nelle with open arms no matter what she does in the meantime.

Brotherly love… ew!

“General Hospital” spoilers say that Michael is developing feelings for Nelle but if the rattle is any indication, that’s his sister, so it’s just gross.

It also makes it creepy that Morgan was hitting on her, too. Thankfully, Nelle turned them both down.

Maybe “GH” is toying with fans or maybe this is a tricky thing. Bobbie confronts Nelle on Thursday, December 29th and continues to keep a close eye on her in the New Year. If Carly is her mother, who is her biological father and is that the guy controlling Nelle?

Also in coming days, Blake Berris starts an arc as recast Spinelli and the Naxie wedding fails.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.