"Sister Wives" has changed drastically since you've seen them last, according to the latest reports of the upcoming new season. Kody Brown has found himself in debt to the tune of six-digits and one wife is consulting lawyers for a divorce from Kody. That would be Robyn, as she is the only one legally married to Kody out of his clan on "Sister Wives."

Robyn's hidden agenda?

Robyn might be the last of the four sister wives that you would expect to be seeking a divorce as so much went into getting her legally married to Kody. Their legal marriage entailed Meri legally divorcing Kody and she did so for the good of the family so that Kody could adopt Robyn's kids.

From what is reported today, Robyn believed that she would eventually get Kody to leave his other wives and become his one and only. She was often referred to as "the hot wife" on social media as she was pretty and younger than the other three wives of Kody Brown.

Kody Brown's brood imploding

As time went on and she saw that getting Kody all to herself wasn't going to happen, she decided to seek out a divorce so she could move on. According to the Inquisitr, Robyn no long wants to be part of a polygamous relationship. She has had it with being one of four "Sister Wives." The debt that Kody mounted mostly came from Robyn's son who was injured in an ATV accident and because of that accident, facial reconstruction was needed.

While some of the procedures were covered by health insurance, other procedures were not and Robyn had to pay for those out of pocket. It is because of the mounting medical bills that Robyn's Las Vegas home had a lien attached to it. What about Obamacare, why didn't the family have the coverage needed for the teen to get the surgery needed?

Check out some of the angst you will see this season on "Sister Wives" in the promo video below.

Wives even at odds over a turkey dinner!

Meri and Janelle were at odds over Thanksgiving dinner preparations, which is something you wouldn't see in the past. These two ladies have worked together for years when it came to making holiday time with the family a special day.

Has too much water gone over the dam today? Although they were able to work past it, they are not the same "Sister Wives" they were when viewers first met them years ago!

Catfish scandal spills wide open this season

In the clip from the teaser trailer released for this season of "Sister Wives," you see Kody talking with his daughter, Mariah, who is also Meri's daughter. He is taking some responsibility for Meri's catfish scandal. He calls himself a "catalyst" in this event. Mariah shakes her head as if to say no to her father taking the blame for what happened. He also said that he now feels it was a mistake to have let this scandal be filmed. This family's implosion is all caught on film as the "Sister Wives" cameras follow the entire family around.

Kody pondered fifth wife for the ratings

According to ITech News, the four wives of Kody Brown are unhappy over Kody's plan to take on a fifth wife, which is not about to happen. It was Kody's idea because he wanted TLC to renew the show for another season when it was still up in the air whether they would or not. They did, even without another wife added to the mix!

Family at odds

While Mariah is having a hard time with her mother's catfish scandal, so are her parents Meri and Kody. They admit during this new season that it has put one heck of a strain on their relationship. Meri and Robyn are not the only "Sister Wives" at odds with Kody when the new season rolls around. The "Sister Wives" premiere their new season on November 27.