Will "MC Mayans" feature Charlie Hunnam in the "Sons of Anarchy" spin-off? Jax Teller met a gruesome death at the end of season 7, but if the situation were right and Hunnam is asked to make a cameo, he'd be open to it.

'SOA' star open to appearing in new series

TMZ caught up with Charlie and asked him about a possible appearance on "MC Mayans," another motorcycle club series that follows another gang after Jax's death. The "Sons of Anarchy" star said if producers want to cast him in the new series, he'll be interested in what they have to say. He's unsure how Jax will reappear given the way he died in the original series, but if they want to maybe weave in a dream sequence, he'll do that.

Charlie Hunnam added that he "would do anything" for Kurt Sutter because he "loves that guy."

Kurt Sutter created the "SOA" series and is a co-writer for "MC Mayans." He'll work side-by-side with Latin filmmaker, Elgin James, someone who knows what life on the streets is like with tough gangs. Elgin is a former member of Friends Stand United, a violent group in Boston tied with its "hardcore" punk scene in the 1990s. Elgin was a singer for the Boston band, Wrecking Crew.

Brief synopsis of 'MC Mayans'

The show centers around a Latin motorcycle club that was a rival gang of Jax Teller's. EZ Reyes is a new recruit who's at odds with the cartel and is involved in their personal lives. He desires to earn the respect of the women he loves, but is vengeful against the cartel.

The setting is on the California/Mexico border.

Casting has begun

According to Backstage, casting for "MC Mayans" has already started. It was reported in November that actor Emilio Rivera will star in the FX series. The actor teased "SOA" fans with a photo on his Instagram page and Sutter posted a few behind-the-scenes images on his account on the same day.

"Sons of Anarchy" was a massive hit on FX and the same enthusiasm is anticipated for the spin-off that Sutter and Elgin are working on. Moreover, the show will also focus a lot on Latinos, answering the call for more diversity in today's television.

If Charlie Hunnam is seen on "MC Mayans," that will make a lot of fans from "SOA" very happy.