Fans were devastated by the way the series finale of “Sons of Anarchy” ended. They couldn’t believe that as much as Jax loved his kids, he would send them off with Nero and Wendy, knowing he would never see them grow up. But then again, as his father did before him, didn’t Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam, commit the ultimate act of a father’s love?

Did 'Sons of Anarchy' groom Abel to be like them?

Abel spent a lot of time around the members of the outlaw motorcycle club. He saw many things that children shouldn’t see. Every little boy wants to be just like his daddy and Abel was not only imitating the love he saw his dad hand out, he also started to pick up the violent tendencies and defended his baby brother by any means.

Jax Teller planned many times to get himself and his family away from the life of an outlaw motorcycle club, but he, just like Abel, grew up among the Sons of Anarchy. After his own father died, Jax’s mother Gemma, played by Katey Sagal, married Clay and continued to raise Jax in the club.

She intended to groom him to become the next club president when Clay was no longer capable of it. She clung to Jax and her grandsons, and she would not allow any of them to shun the club life she was so accustomed to. Jax saw it all falling apart and wanted his boys out of that life, no matter what the cost.

What does Sutter’s photo of Abel mean?

Kurt Sutter is the creator of the “Sons of Anarchy” and he is well known for twist plots that even the most dedicated fan didn’t see coming.

He blew the fans away several times throughout the history of the show with surprises and twists. What does he have up his sleeve this time, if anything?

Sutter posted a photo to his twitter feed of the actor that played Abel on the show. The boy was dressed in a leather cut just like the one all the members of the club wore.

Sutter’s only comment was, “Looking good kid.” The vest was obviously autographed by those on the show and was probably given to the young actor, Ryder Londo, who played Abel, as a gift…or was it?

Could Sutter be hinting at another possible spin-off with a grown-up Abel?

Fans will remember the last time they saw Abel was in the backseat of Nero’s car, as they drove out of Charming.

Jax had hugged his children goodbye and handed them over to Abel’s Mom, Wendy and made her promise to raise them right.

Before they left, Jax put a ring in Abel’s hand. It said “Son” on it and was part of a matching set that Jax had always worn. As he sat in the backseat, driving away from his father and the only life he had ever known, Abel was rolling that ring around in his hand and staring intently at it.

Did Sutter leave himself wide open for a future series starring a young Abel growing up away from the “Sons of Anarchy” and possibly having him hunt for the club to get to know his father and grandfather? He could even bring Jax back as part of Abel’s memories. Knowing the way Sutter’s mind works, it is not an impossible theory. Or is it just what it is…a cute picture of a cute kid?