Tammy Rivera is still talking about why she didn't leave Waka Flocka Flame when he was caught cheating on her. The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star recently sat down for an interview with Bleu Bombshell to talk about her love life and how things were going since getting back with Waka. The “LHHATL” star made a few comments about why women should consider taking back a cheating man that has more than a few women wishing she hadn't said anything at all.

Tammy Rivera talks about Waka Flocka's cheating

It seems like the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star might be making excuses for the rapper husband.

Tammy told Bleu that Waka Flocka grew up in a single-parent household and didn't know how married couples were supposed to act. Is that why Waka cheated on Tammy and tried to hide it, then lie about it until the girl he was cheating with made it impossible to keep on lying? It's pretty safe to say that Waka knew better or he wouldn't have felt the need to hide what he was doing. According to Tammy, though, Waka was forgiven because he just didn't know how he should treat his wife.

Tammy Rivera went on to talk about what a "great man" Waka is. She also discussed the sheer number of groupies that surround him and the crazy temptation to cheat when on the road as an excuse for what he did.

Is it 'weak' for a woman to leave a cheating man?

"So, you have all these groupies, you have all these things but despite all of that, behind closed doors, this man loves me to death and I know he loves my child to death," Tammy said.

It was after Tammy tried to explain the broken home and the tons of groupies that she took shots at women who do opt to leave a cheating man.

Tammy said in the interview that Waka was willing to do anything for his family, even change his ways. Then she said that it would be "weak" for a woman to give up on her cheating man if he was trying to change.

Is it really weak to walk away from someone who "gave in" to the temtptation or who didn't respect his family enough to not cheat in the first place?

It's not like the two were dating or the relationship was new. Tammy and Waka have been together for several years and are married. He knew what he was doing was wrong and it wasn't even the first time Waka Flocka has been accused of cheating on Tammy Rivera.

Will the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star continue forgiving and taking back her rapper husband or will she finally get "weak" and leave him if his promises don't amount to actual change? Tell us if you think Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka are great together or if she should have left him over the latest cheating drama.