Jessica Dime is the latest "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star to get a sex tape. This time it doesn't look like she volunteered to put her assets on display, though. Jessica's sex tape was leaked online by Memphis rapper Lody Lucci and it looks like it was done for revenge.

Lody Lucci released Jessica's tape out of revenge

Lody Lucci seemed to be reacting to Jessica's proclamation of love for her new boyfriend, former NBA player Shawne Williams. It was after Jessica posted a picture of herself and Shawne to Instagram that Lody decided to share Jessica Dime's sex tape with the world.

The shocking part in all this is that Shawne didn't know anything about the sex tape but he certainly does now!

To make matters worse, Lody Lucci tweeted several times prior to releasing the tape. Some of the tweets are too NSFW to post here but the ones that aren't can be seen below.

Jessica Dime doesn't seem to upset with Lody Lucci's outburst or the release of her sex tape. She is a stripper after all and pretty much anyone who wants to see what she's got either has or can. Jessica made it clear that she wasn't even letting the leak get to her in another Instagram snap with her new boo.

In that picture, you can see Jessica and Shawne Williams in a car together. In the caption she wrote, "Unbothered."

Will Dime's sex tape drama be featured on 'LHHATL'?

The timing on the Jessica Dime sex tape is actually pretty good for her. "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is currently filming and this drama is perfect right now as far as getting a great storyline for Season 6.

Whether or not this drama will be featured along with the Shawne Williams and Lody Lucci love triangle is still unknown.

Now, Jessica Dime has something in common with a few of her "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" co-stars. She has a sex tape out now just like Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez and Tia Becca. The only problem is, with Lody Lucci releasing it online rather than going through a distributor like most of her peers, Jessica might not make a single dime from it.