In Tuesday’s episode of MTV’s newest drama, “Sweet/Vicious” is taking a break from its usual formula. Jules and Ophelia have been teaming up to take down men who committed sexual assault on their university campus, but I’ve got a sneak peek at just how this episode is different from the others.

‘Sweet/Vicious’ takes on a new kind of sexual assault

In the first three episodes of the series, “Sweet/Vicious” focused on Jules and Ophelia getting justice for young women who were raped by young men. Episode four expands their target base as they go after an entire sorority instead.

Jules finds herself angry when she discovers that a rival sorority strips their pledges down and degrades them on camera, which does fall under the parameters of sexual assault. Without any hard evidence, the sorority won’t get in legal trouble, so the duo decide to do something about it.

Some Ophelia family history is revealed

If you’ve been itching to learn more about Ophelia’s family since she asked her mother for money in episode two, you’ll love seeing her storyline this time around.

Ophelia gets a visit from a family member at something of an inopportune time.

The visit isn’t the only thing Ophelia will be dealing with this episode either. She’s getting a whole new look, but will it last?

Harris starts an investigation

Tired of the articles the law journal has been assigning him, Harris wants to do something completely different.

The topic he wants to write about though isn’t something he’s got any hard evidence for, so he has to start turning over rocks and interviewing witnesses.

The investigation Harris takes on will put him right in the path of our favorite vigilantes, but he’s also not the only one doing detective work.

Jules and Kennedy’s friendship hits another bump

The duo’s friendship has been strained - and we’re only three episodes into the season - but this episode will see the two nearly reach their breaking point.

Kennedy asks Jules to do something that she simply cannot do, and Kennedy doesn’t understand why. The argument leads to a full on blow up, but it also just might open Kennedy’s eyes to the fact that Jules isn’t the same girl she met freshman year.

Catch “Sweet/Vicious” Tuesday at 10PM on MTV to see how it all plays out.