The news is out and Sabrina High of "Breaking Amish" just had her second baby, another daughter. Fans have loved watching her journey on television and can't wait for another season of the show. Starcasm shared the news that Sabrina just had her second daughter. The fans of "Breaking Amish" love keeping up on what is going on with the people from the show.

What has been revealed about Sabrina's daughter?

She actually had her baby girl on Thanksgiving and shared with her fans on Twitter. Sabrina named her new little girl Arianna Grace, and she was born at 6:57 AM on Thanksgiving morning.

Sabrina shared that she was 6.5 pounds at birth and measured 19 inches long. Sabrina's new little girl is adorable, and she has an older sister named Oakley.

Sabrina High has been through a rough time over the last year, and she has shared all of it on "Breaking Amish" not holding back the truth from fans. She had a battle with drugs and even lost custody of her daughter Oakley for a little bit. Sabrina was able to get her back, though.Harry Kreiser III is the father of both of her children, but the last thing Sabrina shared they were not together anymore.

At one point, Sabrina High lost custody of Oakley again. She hasn't been very active on social networks since then and hasn't been sharing if she has custody of both of her daughters or what is going on.

There has already been talk that "Breaking Amish" was renewed and will be back again. Whatever is going on with Sabrina and her daughters should hopefully air on this season of the show. The viewers really want to know the details about what is going on with her and her daughters. It would be shocking if it didn't come out on the next season.

Are you surprised to hear that Sabrina High had another baby? Do you think that she should be on another season of "Breaking Amish"? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Breaking Amish" when it returns to TLC in the future. There is no news yet about when the new season will start airing.