While fans of TLC’s Sister Wives are reading news reports that the show might be canceled by the network because of scandals surrounding Kody Brown and his first wife Meri, the news buzz appears to be far removed from what is actually happening. The fact is that when TLC held its free Summer Block Party in Chicago last Saturday, Sister Wives stars attending the party not only included Kody Brown and Meri, but also Kody’s three other wives Christine, Janelle, and Robyn. Like any family at a party, the polygamist family members had fun.

The scandals.

Kody Brown, who used to be legally married to Meri but then divorced her in order to marry Robyn, is at the center of the cancellation rumors. A friend of Robyn’s spilled to Life & Style in an interview that there was trouble in polygamist paradise because Kody has had it with the drama surrounding his four wives. Kody’s feelings about getting insufficient attention and support in the family have him reportedly looking elsewhere. Since the two new women would include Robyn’s step-niece and another younger family friend, the reports indicate that this would be too much for TLC and that adding two new wives to the show might be enough reason for Sister Wives to be canceled.

Similar to Kodi, Meri has also reportedly experienced a lack of emotional support in the polygamist family and her catfishing incident has spiraled nearly out of control. After Meri and Kody’s only child, daughter Mariah, left for college, Meri was emotionally vulnerable and fell for an online friendship with what she first believed to be a man.

Despite getting early warning signs that this was fraud, Meri fell for the online affection by Sam, who turned out be a woman. When Sam pushed Meri to leave her polygamist family and Kody’s wife was receptive to it, the catfishing incident threatened the foundation of Kody and his polygamist family.

According to Meri, the catfishing case was the “perfect storm” which brought up feelings of having one’s own needs met and having feelings for someone else.

However, Meri said that while she was swept away emotionally during the catfishing experience, she never would have left the family. Kody attributes the catfishing incident to Meri feeling an emotional gap after their legal divorce. The head of the family believes that Sam was one of the critics who hated his polygamist family. “We’ve got haters.… ,” Kody said during an interview. “They came in and they messed with our marriage and I think this catfish was a hater.”

What do Meri and TLC say about the show being canceled?

Meri shared her enjoyment during Saturday’s TLC event on her Twitter page and reminded fans that Kody was right. There are haters and there will always be haters that spread false truths.

Meri and Robyn present a united front and emphasize the amazing support that everyone gets in the polygamist family.

Even though TLC has not published a new air date so far, judging from Saturday’s event (which featured all members of the polygamist family as celebrity attendees), there certainly appears to be no danger of the Reality TV show being canceled. In addition, as of today, TLC is featuring Sister Wives as one of its three top shows on its website.