Last week, we all found out that Vine would be shutting down soon. The reaction to this News has been pretty...chill. In the words of Amanda Cerny, "Vine has been on its deathbed for a long time". Most of the app's top creators made the switch to different platforms over a year ago. People like The Gabbie Show, Liza Koshy, and Lele Ponsall turned to YouTube and are getting great views. KingBach and Destorm moved their skit comedy over to Instagram. Nearly all of Vine's stars jumped ship and it seems to be working out fine. But why did they jump ship?

And how did they predict Vine's future a year before it happened? The answer may shock you.

Viners demand $1.2 million

The truth is, over 10 Viners went to the app's executives and offered them a deal. Well, more like an ultimatum. The stars wanted $1.2 million each in exchange for their consistent content. If Vine didn't accept, they would all leave the app forever. Allegedly, the deal started off with 18 people and then grew when more Viners found out.According to some sources, the people at Vine originally seemed open to the idea. Then, they changed their mind, the Viners left, and now the app is closing down. Would Vine have picked up again if the executives coughed over the money? The creators involved in the deal seem to think so.

Everyone else isn't so convinced.

The Response

The reaction to Vine's secret meeting has been overwhelmingly negative. Now, this could just be another of casenon-creators not understanding how much social media stars are worth. Internetstars have been taking over the world for a while and some people just aren't hip to how much these influencers make. (Hint: It's A LOT, fam.) But it looks like even fellow Viners and online creators think the deal was a little ridiculous.

And this hilarious video ofDrew Goodenmocking Piques definitely takes the cake.

A lot of people are questioning how Vine spending nearly $40 million would've helped their situation at all. How would that have solved their inabilityto advertise on 6-second videos? How would the same creators making the same content have brought in more viewers, or helped Vine compete with apps like Snapchat and Instagram? The answers aren't clear, and no one will ever know for sure. #RIPVine