Amy Louise Jackson is an English girl who has made it good in Bollywood and South Indian films. It's a credit for a girl who earlier did not speak a word of Hindi or Tamil to make a success in the Indian film world. One is apt to talk of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone striking it out in Hollywood, but people are not aware if a similar success of a pure English girl in Bollywood.

Amy on Instagram

Amy is a daredevil and in her flamboyant style has posted her topless photos on Instagram. Earlier,Amy threw caution to the wind when she posed in abikini and other dresses.

Her photos and videos are all over the net and are drawing thousands of hits. Amy started her career in a Tamil film and then graduated to Bollywood where her film "Singh is Bling," along with superstar Akshay, was a stupendous hit. She is also rumored to be the heroine of Dabang3 with Salman Khan.

Amy has posted her topless photo on Instagram. The photo which is aesthetically shot has her lying on a bed with her back exposed. The caption is enticing with the words "Too lazy for a top kinda day." A YouTube video is also doing the rounds.


The actress who frequently jets between London and Mumbai is busy shooting for the blockbuster "2.0" with the Tamil superstar Rajnikant. Amy has blended well with Indian cinema and has a tremendous fan following.

Her fairness and flawless complexion for which Indians have a fetish is her plus point.

Amy Jackson's entry into Indian cinema shows that the film world no longer has watertight compartments. After her break as the Governor-general daughter in a Tamil film, Amy has gone from strength to greater strength. If she gets a good director and chooses her roles properly there is a good chance she can rise to the level of Katrina Kaif another expatriate star from Canada in Bollywood.

Amy was into a live-in relationship Bollywood star Prateek Babar, but now they have broken up. In the meantime, her photos on Instagram and other magazines are adding to her popularity as a fine star and lovely heroine.