Hilary Duff and her boyfriend Jason Walsh are so very sorry for their tacky Halloween costumes. Walsh didn't realize that Indian tribal dress isn't a costume and that Native Americans might be offended. Duff broke all that's holy in America with her sexy pilgrim getup. This Devil's Night drama underscores that many costumes are mockery and may offend someone. It also highlights the Donald Trump style of hypocritical sensibilities. 

Hilary Duff Halloween costume pastiche

Jason Walsh wore the stereotypical native American costume.


His ensemble included feathered headdress, warpaint, leggings, peace pipe--all the impedimenta of an American Indian, right? Wrong, and on so many levels. It skews ceremonial, cultural and tribal dress across different indigenous groups. This isn't re-enacting where care is taken with period correct authenticity. It's jesting at what is sacred 

Hilary Duff offends on several levels

Duff's kit included fishnets, garters, thigh-high black mini-skirt with ubiquitous "pilgrim" hat.


Just what every fresh-off-the-boat Mayflower Puritan wore. Arguably her dress would have gone over very well with First Thanksgiving men. For women in the New World, not so much. Her costume ignited Founding Fathers fans who took exception to the tarting up of Americana icons. Well, everyone knows how Halloween is about historical accuracy. 

Hilary Duff debacle goes too far?

Maybe you think folks over-reacted--after all it's just in fun, right? Well, that depends on your point of view.

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Donald Trump

It's interesting that the two offended different groups of people for similar reasons. Both groups considered it disrespectful. That's the hypocrisy with Halloween costumes. They imitate and sometimes parody. Take the "slutty" nun and priest mockups--those are extremely offensive to Catholics

Hilary Duff highlights Donald Trump type sensitivity

Folks who poke fun at others are often quick to take offense at jokes toward them. Satirizing, exaggerating faults, taking potshots at characters--costumes do all these.

If you say they're offensive you're paranoid or oversensitive. If you make the joke, you're intolerant, bullying or harassing. You just can't win. It's similar to name-calling Donald Trump who can't take teasing about his small hands. Funny how it's funnier when you're lampooning than being lampooned. Sometimes, imitation is the most insincere form of flattery.  

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