Jon Gosselin hasn't been quiet lately about what is going on with his kids and the fact that he doesn't even know exactly where his son Collin is at right now. It turns out that Kate is now in for a big fight because her ex-husband Jon is taking her back to court and trying to get joint custody of all of their children. In Touch Weekly shared the details about this new court case.

What is Jon hoping to accomplish by going back to court?

At this time, Jon has visitation with his kids, but he doesn't have joint custody. Jon is hopeful to get joint custody of Cara and Mady and sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah.

One more thing that Jon wants is to know exactly where Collin is at. Kate Gosselin shared that he has special needs and is living somewhere else to get assistance with this, but Jon doesn't know where he is at and actually hasn't even seen him in eighteen months. Jon shared before that he never knows what kids are going to show up at his house, but he does get to see some of them.

A source revealed that Jon Gosselin has been waiting months for this and there will be a trial coming very soon. The source also shared that the judge is requiring psychological evaluations of all eight kids and for both Kate and Jon before heading to trial. Jon is very hopeful that Kate Gosselin will not be in the room with the kids when they are talked to according to the source.

Right now, Jon Gosselin is staying quiet about the court battle, but Jon hasn't been quiet about not knowing where Collin is at right now. Hopefully, everyone will find out what is going on with this family soon. There is a new season of "Kate Plus 8" on TLC, but Jon isn't part of the show and Collin won't be on this upcoming season at all.

The fans would love to see him, but of course, everyone wants what is best for the child.

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