Kate Gosselinwas shown in a new, not so flattering light, by her ex Jeff Prescott. The former boyfriend told of how he dodged a bullet ofshocking lies, weird machinations and desperate attention seeking from the mom of eight. Prescott explained why he ditched the drama that was "Kate Plus 8" and never looked back. The millionaire boyfriend's expose will leave your mouth gaping. It explains why Kate is so doggedly attached to her Reality TV status and the bizarre lengths she was willing to go to in order to preserve it.

Ex paints obsessive, controlling Kate Gosselin.

Millionaire Jeff Prescott, 53, dated Kate Gosselin, 41, for nine months and all the time Kate insisted she was single. That lack of transparency was one of the things that scared Prescott off. He finally explained why he broke up with the reality show star. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that Prescott broke up with "Kate Plus 8" because Kate is so wed to her eponymous show. Her ex painted a picture of a woman driven by a lust for attention whose every act was determined by whether is was camera worthy or not. Prescott said Gosselin would do anything for ratings, up to and including staging their first date and lying to fans. She maintained a sham single status despite the couple being so serious that they were house-hunting.

That too was done for "Kate Plus 8." Gosselin wanted to save the relationship reveal for audiences and manage it on air. She even masterminded a spinoff dedicated to she and Prescott. Well, Kate Gosselin bragged about all the free stuff she got from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" so is it any wonder she's clinging like mad to the new show?

Prescott wasn't ready to say "I do" to "Kate Plus 8".

The boyfriend pulled out when he realized he would always be competing with the show for Kate's affection. You'd think it would be Gosselin's eight children or even ex-husband Jon Gosselin that might get in the way. But no, Kate was happy to be rid of Jon and cheered when her daughters Mady and Cara publicly humiliated their dad.

It's not kids, another man, nor even a human thatPrescott needed to be jealous of with Kate. It was her love of the limelight. The Dreamstime.com founder found he wanted a relationship with a real woman, not a reality show character. He walked away from Kate's "chaos" and into the arms of a lower maintenance, albeit younger womanJenna Sabacheuskaya. He doesn't sound like he regrets quitting Gosselin one bit.