Justin Bieber has followed the light and has ditched the dark fiery place known as Instagram. At least according to him. On Tuesday, the singer reiterated on stage during a concert in London that Instagram is a dark place where people get locked in.

“I don't wanna get my Instagram back. Instagram is for the devil,” Bieber told his fans during the last leg of his European tour.

The "Sorry" singer continued to say that he is 90 percent sure hell is Instagram. Sorry Beliebers, your guy won't be popping up on your IG feed anytime soon -- or ever. But just like Bieber says, never say never.

Justin Bieber deleted Instagram over the summer

The 22-year-old Canadian pop sensation deleted Instagram after fans went on the attack on then girlfriend, 18-year-old model Sofia Richie in August. Bieber's fans and even ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez typed away in the comments section and he had enough. Bieber got flack from his fans after he posted traveling photos with Richie. The pop singer then threatened his fans and said he was going to make his Instagram account private if they didn't leave Richie alone. Gomez then hopped on the response train and said if he couldn't handle the heat then stop posting photos of Richie. The heat (deriving from hell as the Biebs puts it), was too much to handle, so he deleted the account.

Justin Bieber once had most liked photo on Instagram

In May, Bieber surpassed one of Kendall Jenner's most "liked" Instagram photos with a paparazzi photo of he and Gomez captioned "Feels." His Instagram page lit up with Jelena forever hopefuls. The photo had at least 3.7 million "likes" and one million comments.

Justin Bieber and other celebrities take social media detox

Bieber, Gomez, Demi Lovato and Rihanna have all parted ways with social media in the past. Gomez had a rare public appearance at the American Music Awards and made a heartfelt speech about working on herself and inspired those who are at a low point. Lovato went on a rant on Twitter after she was criticized by Taylor Swift fans for calling out Swift's girl squad and announced she's taking 2017 off. Kendall Jenner parted ways with Instagram this year after acknowledging her attachment to the app. Jenner has alluded to coming back in the near future.