Some possible "General Hospital" spoilers from the Celebrity Laundry website could really shock fans. The latest speculation is on who was responsible for the car bomb that killed Morgan Corinthos. As fans of the hit soap opera know, the recent tragedy has wreaked havoc on the lives of the residents of Port Charles. That includes Morgan's father Sonny Corinthos and his mother Carly. In particular, Sonny has expressed a great deal of guilt over his son's death.

Sonny might not be responsible.

Viewers of "GH" realize that Sonny believes he is most at fault for the death of his own son.

After all, Sonny says he was trying to take out one of his arch enemies, Julian Jerome, with a car bombing. However, the plot backfired and took the life of Sonny's own flesh and blood. It has even led to spoilers proving true as Sonny confessed to the murder himself.

It was speculated that Sonny might even have to spend his Thanksgiving holiday behind bars. The good news for Sonny is he usually has plenty of people in his network of help. That includes his ex-wife Alexis, and his legal counsel Dianne Miller. Both of these legal aces have been known to lend a helping hand to Sonny when needed, but in this case, he might need some helpful evidence or an actual confession from the real bomber. That's where these latest "GH" spoilers come in.

So who could the real bomber be?

With Sonny taking the blame, there seems like no reason the true bomber would want to reveal themselves. He even considered his own suicide due to his intense feelings of loss and guilt. "General Hospital" fans should brace themselves, as it's been speculated that the man who tried to bomb Julian is none other than Julian himself!

The reason behind it is that he wanted to make it look like someone else was attempting to kill him off. The way the bomb was said to be set up in his car was in a way that he could safely avoid it killing him, but still give the impression someone wanted him dead!

When will the reveal happen?

It's hard to pinpoint when this shocking twist might take place in Port Charles if these "General Hospital" spoilers prove true.

It's likely that Julian has no problem watching his enemy Sonny rot behind bars. However, other people in his life could come into play that really make the death weigh on Julian's guilty conscience. It's entirely possible he'll make a confession, but it's hard to expect it not to drag on for several weeks, if not months, to extend the storylines this show has been following.

Stay tuned as "General Hospital" gets juicier by the episode with this latest plot involving the death of Sonny's son and his enemy possibly being the responsible party for the death.