"Days Of Our Lives" fans are finally getting Abigail Deveraux-DiMera back this week. Abby has been seen lurking around Salem spying on her friends, family, and husband, Chad. Now, she's ready to reveal herself to at least one important person in her life. That's right, Abigail is going to show herself to her mother, Jennifer Horton, who is sure to be absolutely shocked to see that her daughter is alive and well.

Abigail's back, what next?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Abigail will make her presence known to Jennifer and poor Jen will collapse in shock.

However, Abby isn't sure if she should show herself to anyone else, such as her brother JJ, or even her husband Chad. As Abigail has been watching Chad, she's seen him get rather close to Gabi Hernandez, and she might feel like it's too late to salvage her marriage.

'DOOL' love triangle in the works?

Of course, "Days of Our Lives" viewers will see Jennifer try to persuade Abigail to face her fears and tell everyone, friends, family, and especially Chad, that she's alive and back in Salem. It will be completely unbelievable and shocking to nearly everyone in Abigail's life, but everyone will likely be thrilled to see her return home after mourning her fake death. However, there is one person who may not be happy that Abigail is alive and back in Salem.

Gabi Hernandez has always seemingly had a thing for Chad DiMera, and the two have grown extremely close in the time since Abigail's "death." They've bonded over being single parents, and made each other feel better about themselves. Now that Gabi knows her boyfriend, JJ, has cheated on her, she may be ready to set her sights on Chad.

However, with the not so dearly departed Abigail back in the picture it looks like there could be a very complicated love triangle on the way.

Will Abigail and Chad reunite?

Will "Days of Our Lives" fans see Chad overjoyed at his wife Abigail's return from beyond the grave, or will he be conflicted now that he seems to have feelings for Gabi? Chad has mourned Abby and finally started to move on. Her return to Salem is sure to be a unexpected surprise to all.