"Walking Dead" fans continue to count down the last remaining days, and hours until this Sunday night's big premiere, but low and behold reports of a "TWD"Season 7 episode 1 script link are circulating, and if this is true then the story is far more brutal, horrifying and heartbreaking than any of us could have imagined.

Brutal possible 'Walking Dead' spoiler details revealed!

If fans thought it was rough watching Rick and the group in the season six finale, watching this Sunday is really going to blow your minds according to the reports. The potentially leaked script reports began popping up on the Spoiling Dead page and fans are reacting in a variety of ways.

Make note this has by no means been confirmed, so fans need to take in this information with that in mind when considering the blood-curdling possibility that this could be exactly what we have to contend with on Sunday, the October 23rd opener.

Season 7 of 'TWD' is going to be harsh!

There have been a number of what-if Negan killscenarios, too many to mention, each playing out with all of the group members that were left kneeling at Negan's mercy in the season six finale. But, after listening to this potential script leak, many are now believing this is how things are going to go down based on the cast's comments, various hints and clues along the way, and comic book likeness.

Given this information to contemplate over the next few days adds to the suspense and anxiety that continues to build for fans.

Get ready because this is making all fear that the "Walking Dead" powers that be were not playing with us all these months when they promised us TV history would be made, blood, lots of blood would be shed and tears from all as our "Walking Dead" ride just gets going!

It is going to be hard to accept the changes coming our way, and don't forget, following the opener, "Talking Dead" will also return with a 90-minute special featuring the entire group, Negan, and our, sniff, sniff, newly departed loved ones.

Monday is 100 percent going to one of the roughest for TV fans across the globe. Your Sunday night "Walking Dead" viewing checklist better include kleenex and time to gather your thoughts before heading to bed.

"TWD" returns Sunday night at 9p.m. on AMC. Are you ready?