"Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham's young daughter Sophia has come under a brutal and cruel attack on social media after her mom shared a photo of the 7-year-old on Instagram, and this time it is just uncalled for! Farrah is used to dealing with haters usually catching backlash for every move she makes, but this time, Farrah did nothing wrong.

Instagram users pick on Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia!

It is no secret that reality star Farrah Abraham thrives on creating drama whether it is her questionable parenting skills, or love life, or business decisions she has made, also known as her adult entertainment cash cow.

But this time Farrah did something millions of parents do every day, she simply shared a proud mom moment on Instagram. After posting a picture of Sophia wearing her cheerleading outfit and revealing that she was chosen "Cheerleader of the Week" all hell broke loose and users began slamming Sophia over her looks.

Farrah Abraham is outraged

Sophia was instantly ridiculed for her smile of all things! People began commenting horrible nasty things about the child, saying she looked like a "gremlin" and calling her ugly(adding that there was nothing she could ever do to be pretty).

What they are making fun of is something beyond anyone's control, Sophia's teeth. She is at the age when baby teeth fall out quickly and adult teeth take their place sometimes twisted and crooked until the process is complete.

It is an awkward time for all, and one most people all go through as they grow up.Farrah has no control over how Sophia's teeth are at this point and Sophia really has no control, she is just going through the growth process.

It is not often Farrah Abraham's actions can be defended, and her choices are, to say the least,questionable and irresponsible when it comes to her parenting choices -- bikini and makeup poses of young Sophia, allowing her to interact on Snapchat and other social media venues, being aboss at age seven of her own children's clothing store, etc.

When did it become okay to intentionally be cruel and pick on anyone, especially little kids?