"The Bachelor" 2017 spoilers on Monday leaked who the second finalist of the final four is. Nick Viall is busy taping hometown dates this week after shooting in the Bahamas. Reality Steve is dropping names one at a time right now. He's keeping fans in suspense, slipping them bits of information on Twitter as production continues.

Two of Nick's hometown picks named

It was spilled by Reality Steve last week that the first African-American woman made the finalist level in "The Bachelor" franchise ... enter Rachel Lindsay, a 31-year-old attorney from Dallas, Texas.

In another tweet on Tuesday, Steve revealed that 25-year-old Raven Gates from Hoxie, Arkansas is another pick for hometown dates. The date for Raven will be shot on Tuesday.

Reality Steve doesn't know what order the hometown dates will be filmed in, but indicated they'd be taking place Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of this week. He doesn't have concrete information as far as scheduling goes for the other three.

What about the other finalists?

When will fans hear who the other two finalists are for hometowns? Reality Steve is teasing fans to stay tuned. He may or may not spoil that information in the near future. He already knows who the women are, but isn't ready to spill the beans.

He even tortured fans by writing that he might just wait until the show is done filming before giving them that precious information. Hopefully, for the sake of everyone's sanity who loves everything "Bachelor," Steve will have some mercy on his readers and share what he knows sooner rather than later!

"The Bachelor" spoilers blogger continued in his post that he knows the answers to all of the burning questions fans have about who's gone home, who's the villain, who's the final six, and more.

Maybe production is tightening things up as far as how close in proximity the public can get to filming locations. With spoilers getting out at a faster pace each year, it's possible a stricter protocol is being implemented among the cast and crew so less is leaked. Steve suspects there's going to be more surfacing with the cast returning to the mainland.

As for who the remaining two final four are, fans have to hope Reality Steve wants to share more soon.

"The Bachelor" 2017 season premieres on ABC Monday, January 2 at 8 p.m., ET/PT.