"Days Of Our Lives" fans thought they knew who fathered Chloe Lane's baby. So, it came as a shock that Deimos Kiriakis was not the baby daddy. It also surprised Chloe and the actress who plays the character, Nadia Bjorlin. In an interview, she talked about Chloe's storyline and teased that the identity of the baby daddy will be surprising.

Chloe's pregnancy on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Chloe Lane found herself pregnant on "DOOL." She assumed the father was Deimos Kiriakis and took crazy steps to prevent him from finding out. There was even a paternity switch plan that didn't quite turn out as expected.

When Chloe left Salem, everyone was still in the dark about the identity of the father.

Who is the father of Chloe's child on 'DOOL'?

This information has not yet been revealed. However, Nadia Bjorlin told "Soap Opera Digest" that the identity of the baby daddy was surprising to her. The soap opera actress stated that she never would have guessed it. If it isn't Deimos, then who is the father of Chloe's child?

Deimos goes after Chloe's family

Right now, Chloe is missing and Deimos is determined to find her. He will locate her mother, Nancy Wesley, played by Patrika Darbo. "DOOL" spoilers reveal that Chloe must resurface because another paternity test is done. However, it is clear that Deimos is not the father.

This much was teased by the actress.

What comes next for Philip, Chloe, Deimos, and Nicole?

Philip will decide that he wants to be with Chloe after all. After Bjorlin returns to "Days Of Our Lives" after her maternity leave, will they get back together? There is also the question of what happens to Deimos and Nicole? He was not happy to find out Nicole Walker kept such a big secret from him.

However, Nicole always has the best intentions that happen to end up in crazy, twisty storylines. This is no exception.

What do you think is going to happen on "Days Of Our Lives?" Who is the father of Chloe's baby and when will fans finally find out? Will it be anyone viewers know or could it be a mystery man that doesn't live in Salem?