After the twist of Shivaye proposing to Tia for marriage in the serial “Ishqbaaz” aired on weeknights at 10:00 PM on Star Plus, emotional conflicts are on the way for both Shivaye and Anika.

In last episodes, Shivaye did some really out of the way things under the sedation by the heavy painkiller he took after getting wounded in a fight with goons who tried to kidnap Anika.

As sedation got over and Shivaye has regained his senses he altered his decisions of Diwali bonus and holidays in office.

Shivaay say's sorry to Anika

Anika comes to his room asking for his marriage date as she has to make all the preparations for Shivaye and Tia’s wedding.

She asks Shivaye to tell the date as she has to give the invitation cards for printing. But Shivaye holds her hands and confesses to Anika that whatever he had said yesterday was because he was not in his senses.

Anika asks Shivaye not to say anything more as she understands that those things spoken in a drunken state had no meaning for Shivaye as only humans tell the truth when drunk and Shivaye was different. Anika very impactfully said Shivaye that the difference between their blood lineages will always remain there.

Shivaye and Anika happen to cross each other in the corridor, and her bracelet gets stuck with Shivaye’s coat button.

Both look at each and wish to speak but keep silence and walk other way but try to see each other. Shivaye reminds himself that whatever he is feeling for Anika mean nothing.

Rumi capable of breaking Anika-Shivaay relationship:

Rumi asks Rudra in college that if he wants, then she can do Shivaye and Tia’s breakup as she is a goddess and has special powers.

Rumi laughs away and calls her ‘Mata’. Soumya asks Rumi to leave Rudra alone.

Rudra is in Rumi’s trap who asks her followers to pray to Rudra as she was a Devi and was her Dev.

Tia treats Anika like a dummy and asks her to do trials for her wedding dress. Shivaye looks at Anika in a backless dress says ‘she is beautiful but corrects his words to mean the dress.

Shivaye doesn’t like Tia doing this with Anika and asks her to stop all this.

Anika feels emotional at her home and confesses to Sahil that she doesn’t feel good to know that ‘Billuji’ is marrying Tia.


As the silence has broken between Shivaye and Anika, the future episodes have some hot romance coming up between ‘Shivika’ along with the mystery that surrounds Oberoi Mansion.