Alisa Reyes is an Actress, singer, model, producer, voice over actor and author who starred in Nickelodeon's "All That" and has since gone on to star in numerous TV shows and movies. Alisa received a Hollywood Young Star Award and she has appeared on "NYPD Blue," "Six Feet Under” and "Without a Trace." She also appeared on Emmy-nominated "The American Family" and “The Proud Family” as the voice of La Cienega. She has worked with nearly every well-known television network including ABC, CBS, PBS, FOX, NBC, HBO, Disney and Lifetime. Alisa also gives generously to numerous charities and had her own radio shows on Sirius XM.

Recently, she discussed working in the entertainment industry.


Blasting News (BN): What pushed you toward your career?

Alisa Reyes (AR): I knew at three that I wanted to be in the entertainment business. I tried to stick my head into the TV because I wanted to be on “Sesame Street” so my mother Brenda enrolled me in dance and singing classes in NY. I enrolled in an acting class when I was eight and my photos were sent to agents. I signed with Tracey's Kids and booked one of my first jobs for a national commercial, which allowed me to become a member of Sag in 1990!

BN: How did you get your gigs?

AR: I’ve always had team; a manager, agents, and a publicist that help me find opportunities.

I also network on my own. It’s vital as a businesswoman to contribute.

BN: How many projects have you been a part of? Do you have any favorites?

AR: I’ve been on multiple shows such as “All That,” “One World,” “Passions,” “Da Jammies,” “Without a Trace,” “ER,” “NYPD Blue,” “Six Feet Under” and more. I’ve done films, three radio shows and I can sing.

They’re all my fave!

BN: What’s it like to be a voice actress?

AR: It’s so much fun! That is one job where you don't have to be overly anal about how you look when you show up to work because it's all about your voice.

BN: What do you like more--acting or singing?

AR: I like everything equally. I feel like I can give 100% to acting and 100% to singing no matter what I do.

BN: You're writing a children's book. What has that process been like?

AR: It’s interesting and exciting; quite a journey. When I was little my mother created a book with me. When she passed away I found it, restored it, added to it and now I'm in the process of finalizing it. It's a wonderful story about a traveling cat.

BN: You also race! How did you get into Xtreme sports?

AR: Back in early 2000 I became the spokesperson for a company called Superboat International in Florida and learned to drive a boat. I participated in a couple of races with a team called Xtreme Racing where I drove a 32-foot Fountain Mercury non-canopy cigarette boat.


BN: What is a “dream project”?

AR: A time piece.

Something along the lines of Renaissance times or a project that takes me back to a different era. If I had the opportunity to dress up in attire from a different time, that would be awesome. I love shows such as “Once Upon A Time.”

BN: What’s the best thing about being in the entertainment industry?

AR: Fan support, winning a Hollywood Reporter award for best actress for “One World” and traveling with my mom when I was younger. I have fond memories of my childhood. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life now that I’m a married adult.

BN: What advice can you give to aspiring entertainers?

AR: Never give up; perfect your craft. Maintain a proper support system. Have faith and stay positive.

Take a workshop or acting class. You can do anything you put your mind to.

BN: What events are upcoming?

AR: I have a song out called “Sexy Hot” with a music video on my website. My “Da Jammies” cartoon is now on Netflix. I’ve wrapped a film called “Heavenly Deposit” and I’m pitching TV pilots and a scripted show. I’m a spokesperson for a company called Brite White MINI. To see some of my work follow me on social media.