Say it ain't so! YouTube Celebrities and dream couple, Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans are going to divorce.


Much like Jesse and Jeana (the Youtubers behind "PrankVsPrank"), Colleen and Joshua made their relationship very open to the public. Their wedding vlog currently has over 11 million views on YouTubeand Joshua's proposal has six million. They've made several videos together and have been married since July 2015.

Colleen is the Youtuber behind "MiranaSings" and "PsychoSoprano," both of which are highly successful YouTube channels with over 11.4 million subscribers combined.

In addition to that, she has a brand new show that's releasing on Netflix next month. Joshua is a musician and vlogger with over 1.3 million subscribers on his main channel.

Colleen's Video

Colleen and Joshua's videos differed slightly in messagealthough both stars clearly appear to be distraught. In Colleen's video, she claims that she and Joshua have always butted heads in their relationship and that's what led to the divorce. "For a long time now I've realized just how unhappy we both were. And I want Joshua to be happy. This is what I feel like needs to happen."

Collen ends her video in tears and urges her audience not to chose sides or send hate to Joshua.

Joshua's Video

Joshua makes it clear that he is not the one who wants to separate and still wishes to be with Colleen.

"I want it to be known that I am not choosing this divorce. I want her, but I truly believe that she's making the right decision. It's her choice and I respect her life." Joshuaalso clarified that he and Colleen never cheated on each other and infidelity is not responsible for their split.


Joshuahas stated that he'll be taking a break from his Youtube channel until he's emotionally prepared to come back.

Until then, his sister and his friends will uploadvideos for him. Colleen has also stated that she won't be uploading any videos for a while. Both of their break up videos currently have over 500,000 views on YouTube.