Recently, Abby Lee Miller took to Instagramto share her 'Dance Moms' team members' success with continuing their winning streak. But straight away, fans noticed something odd, junior elite team member, JoJo Siwa, was missing from the group photo. This would make this JoJo's second time missing a dance competition.

Fans are worried that JoJo Siwa is leaving 'Dance Moms'

The first competition the junior elite dancer missed was the Sheer Talent Dance Competition in Las Vegas. Fans immediately noticed and took to social media with their concerns. Especially since in the beginning of Season 6 former team member, Maddie Ziegler, failed to show up to practices which ultimately resulted in her announcing her leaving "Dance Moms" near the end of the season.

Fans are worried that this is going to end up being the same case with Siwa. Then, she failed to appear for the second competition of the season at Dublin High School, furthering everybody's concern.

The 13-year-old junior elite dancer has disputed all claims that she is leaving the Lifetime hit Reality TV Show, but viewers still remainunconvinced. And considering that she hasn't participated in any competitions so far this season, it's no wonder.

Despite JoJo's failure to attend competitions, the Abby Lee Dance Company continues their winning streak

Abby's dancers continued their winning streak at the Dublin High School competition. They are said to continue this winning streak even after Candy Apples makes their comeback.

It is said that the junior elite team performed a routine called"Pretty Reckless" and scored first place overall. The team also had some solo dancers perform contemporary pieces, Kalani Hilliker and Camryn Bridges, who placed first and second place overall.

So it seems that so far even without JoJo Siwa there, the team continues to claim first place overall in every competition they go to, in every division they compete in.

Not to mention a clean sweep with solo dancers claiming all the top spots.

Will they be able to continue this winning streak even with the absence of their fellow team member? Will JoJo ever return to "Dance Moms" or is she really leaving the show? For now, the answers are quite apparent, but fans will just have to wait and see how Season 7 pans out.