Wonder Woman is gay, straight up, promised DC Comics writer Greg Rucka and did that titillate the LGBTQ crowd. But the creator of "Wonder Woman: Rebirth" teased a hookup betweenDiana Prince and Steve Trevor. So is the Amazonian Princess Diana of Themyscira lesbian or bisexual? Guess you'll have to wait for the 2017 movie "Wonder Woman" starring Gal Gadot in the titular role, to get the full story.

Princess Di of Themyscira is lesbian?

Um, well duh, says her creator, Greg Rucka. He's avoided coming out with the label "queer" so as not to polarize or make statements.

Another concern is not to give LGBT trophy hunters just another head for their bag. But if you look at the Themysciran demographics it's plain as pikestaff. The Amazon island is inhabited in totus by women. So the warrior princess would almost definitely have been in a love/sexual relationship with one or more women.

Do the Themysciran math

In the female only Amazon tribe of Themyscira there simply weren't men to have relationships with. So same-sex ones were the norm.The only other explanation was that Princess Dianawas some sort of celibate priestess. But Rucka, who revamped the original Wonder Woman, hinted at a love interest with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). So either she's renounced her priestly vows of chastity or she's bisexual.

It's the only explanation the fits her backstory.

Great rejoicing in the high camp

This is something that the LGBTQ camp has longed for. There was a push on Twitter to #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend but that met with little success. As the 1940s conservative patriot Captain America, that would have been the ultimate coup. But no, Steve Rogers has a plebeian appetite for ladies.

Several other superheroes have come out with ambivalent sexuality but DC comics "Wonder Woman: Rebirth" is the first straight up gay superhero.

No gay revisionist Themysciran history

So in her new incarnation, Wonder Woman is homosexual. But Rucka didn't rewrite her story to include that. The story has always been that the Amazon tribe were all-girl warriors.

Rucka just took it to its logical conclusion that they formed attachments that modern society would call "lesbian." Fans of the old-school Linda Carter "Wonder Woman" may have some adjusting to do. Well, they got over the major boob job in the upgraded version (as if Linda Carter needed breast implants). A bi-curious Princess Diana should be a piece of cheesecake.