Brandi Boyd is still in hot water with her husband Max Lux after she recently spent his money to open her new boutique without his consent. It looks like Brandi is still doing the most in a recent teaser for the upcoming episode of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" when she barges in on one of his studio sessions and ignites a new feud with Masika Kalysha. Could the studio session interruption have happened because Brandi doesn't trust Max after he was accused of cheating on her with another woman and making a baby outside of their marraige?

Brandi Boyd barges in on Max and Masika in the studio

Apparently, Brandi has a problem with Max making music with Masika. When she busted in on their studio session, rather than dealing with her own husband in a mature manner, she went after Masika instead. Masika didn't take the insult sitting down though and she instantly fired back at Brandi with some pretty funny but awful insults. Meanwhile, Max just sat there with a pretty hilarious look on his face.

Based on Masika's reaction to Brandi's intrusion and the non-reaction of Max, it doesn't look like anyone really cares what Brandi thinks of his studio time with the new "LHHH" mom.

Apparently, Brandi Boyd has every reason not to trust her husband Max.

It was reported back in August before "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" even aired that Max has been cheating on her but it wasn't with Masika Kalysha. Instead, it looks like Max has a thing for women named Brandi because his alleged other woman is named Brandi Bib. To make things even messier, during his affair with Brandi number two, Max got the woman pregnant and now has a baby that does not belong to his wife.

'LHHH' star Max Lux accused of cheating on Brandi

Max further shook things up when faced with Brandi Bib's baby accusations when he denied that the child was his and also refused to get a paternity test. Is the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star hiding something? The other Brandi isn't going to let him get away with it for too long because she is taking Max Lux to court to force him to take a paternity test.

She claims that their baby girl named Aziya was born on July 17th and has even posted messages on social media to let the main Brandi know that her man has not been faithful.

That's probably why Brandi Boyd has been feeling some kind of way lately and busted in on the studio session with Masika Kalysha. That didn't stop Masika from telling Max to get his "dog under control" among other really nasty insults. The whole drama will play out on the next episode of "LHHH" and it looks like it'll be pretty entertaining.