"Dreamgirls" Jennifer Hudson proved in recent throwback pictures that she has maintained her jaw-dropping 80-lb weight loss of 2014. On her 35th birthday, Hudson flaunted her sexy, edgy 60s hairstyle, a tribute to her deceased mom. So "American Idol" 2004 winner Jennifer Hudson was always phat(hot) and always will be. But at 80 pounds overweight, she struggled with excess unhealthy fat. Hudson showed that even without her Weight Watcherspromo position, she can keep that 80 pounds at bay. Here are some of her shocking diet secrets.

Jennifer Hudson: 60s "It girl"

Hudson's willingness to sport throwback styles and ability to pull them off, are just two reasons why she worked so well as "Dreamgirls" Effie. Loosely styled on theDiana Ross and the Supremes story. Effie White is the equivalent of Supremes Florence Ballard, who was replaced, arguably because she was plus-sizedcompared to Diana Ross (Beyonce) and Mary Wilson (Anika Noni Rose). Ballard tired a series of looks and genres in her comeback solo climb. She tragically died at 32 from heart attack. Hudson earned Best Supporting Actress for her loving portrayal of Ballard. Hudson continues to reprise 60s styles and wears them well. Her weight loss completes thetwiggy, vintage look.

Throwed pancakes and chocolate cravings

So how did Jennifer Hudson shed obesity? You've heard of Lambert's restaurant, home of the throwed rolls? Well, Jennifer Hudson has her own shtick--throwed pancakes (and all other fattening foods). In order to lose weight, the Dreamgirl literally tosses out foods that cause temptation or derail her diet.

She keeps very little convenience foodor fast food around her. She does have one serious craving and that's chocolate. So she keeps that nearby as her one treat. She likens it to a smoker's cigarette.

Baby weight gain and split with Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers diet program helped Jennifer Hudson lose 80 pounds of baby fat.

In pregnancy, she gained a lot of weight and says she no longer recognized herself. A lot of Celebrities like singer Adele can identify with baby weight gain. After Hudson used the popular weight loss program, she became a spokesperson. But with her burgeoning career post-American Idol, Hudson was too busy to keep that gig. Doing her own thing, like ITV's "Loose Women" hostLisa Riley, has Hudson keeping off pounds shed.