New semi-nude photos of "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham have recently popped up once again across social media. This time, the questionable photos were reportedly shared by none other than Simon Saran, Farrah's on-again-off-again, (who really knows) boyfriend, who posted the pictures on SnapChat.

Is Farrah Abraham behind posted semi-nude pics?

While Farrah seems to enjoy keeping her Teen Mom fans in the dark as to the status of her relationship with Simon, having claimed numerous times that she and Saran are "just friends" the release of these intimate and personal photos appear to say otherwise.

The semi-nude pics were taken on August 28th, just before Farrah appeared at the 2016 MTV VMAs, The photos reveal Farrah in various poses wearing next to nothing in what appears to be a very nice hotel room.

The photos revealFarrahAbrahamsporting blue hair, the same blue color that she was wearing at the VMA's with her Wonder Woman costume. Farrah did, however, manage to keep Simon's attendance in the city low-key and would have most likely gotten away unnoticed from their secret rendezvous if it hadn't been for that darn social media site SnapChat, and that uncontrollable urge that most people these days feel to share everything going on in their lives with the world.

Today's big mystery centers around the question of why Farrah's mom is telling anyone who will listen that Farrah and Simon have broken up?

Could it be that Abraham just wanted to keep her relationship with Saran from her mom for now? If that were the case, sorry about her luck because now the entire world knows she was messing around with Simon, or at least she was just a couple of weeks ago.

At this time it is not known as to whether or not Farrah may have had anything to do with Simon posting the semi-nudes, which is a little hard to believe considering that Abraham seems to live by the rule that there is no such thing as bad publicity and is usually hands-on when it comes to news leaks pertaining to her, or her daughter Sophia.

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Speaking of poor Sophia, has she not endured enough? Guess that there is no stopping the scars she may endure brought on by mommy's ventures in porn, poor kid. Either way, the photos are forever out there now and appear mild in comparison to Farrah's past ventures, and probably her future ones as well.

What are your thoughts on Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, are she and Simon Saran a couple, or just both media hungry? New episodes of "Teen Mom OG" air Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.