Last season, Once Upon A Time ended with fans learning about Belle's pregnancy. She also was put under a sleeping curse and Rumple is determined to wake her up. What will happen with "Rumbelle" in season 6? Will Emilie de Ravin's character forgive him like she always has? How will Belle change when OUAT returns to ABC? What exactly will Morpheus be doing when he makes his introduction?

Rumple wakes up Belle on 'Once Upon A Time'

It is confirmed that Rumple (Robert Carlyle) will succeedat bringing Belle out of her sleeping spell. It will happen early in season 6, but how exactly does he do it?

Will Rumple resort to dealing with Sam Witwer's character, Mr. Hyde? The synopsis for the season premiere, "The Savior" hints that it is a stranger. There is also the question of if the events will have any negative effect on Rumple and Belle's unborn child.

The status of 'Rumbelle'

After Belle wakes up, don't expect her to forgive Rumple like she has in the past. Emilie de Ravin teased that there would be a bit of a separation. She also spoke about how Belle has a child to think about now, which changes everything. Let's hope that fatherhood will change Rumple for the better before it's too late.

Belle's changes and storyline in season 6

In season 6 of Once Upon A Time, Belle will go through some changes.

Confidence and independence are two positive traits to expect from the character in the upcoming season. Also, fans will learn about Belle's family and her past.

Rumple to also go through changes (sort of)

Robert Carlyle cut his hair for the movie Trainspotting 2. Instead of wearing a wig, Rumple will keep his short hair in season 6.

The executive producers of OUAT were asked if this means the character will be a changed man. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis wouldn't say anything concrete. However, they did reveal the short hair would be addressed on the fairy tale drama. Perhaps he will try to show Belle his changes on the outside. However, Belle will want to see that he has made permanentimprovements on the inside.

What is the deal with Morpheus on 'OUAT?'

In season 6, the role of Morpheus was given to Giles Matthey. Everyone speculated that the Greek god of dreams would have some interaction with Belle. However, it was revealed that he will also have scenes with Rumple. The character description for Morpheus states he has his own agenda, so what is the deal with him? What does he really want and will he benefit in any way from Belle's decision about Rumple?

Once Upon A Time returns to television screens on September 25.