The brave attempt of Colors Television, “Shakti Astitav Ke Ahsaas Ki” aired Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM is fast raising its position on the charts.

The serial revolves around the life of Soumya (Rubina Dilaik famed as ‘Choti Bahu’) who is born as transgender or ‘Kinner'.

The serial is very carefully crafted not to disgrace or dishonor the transgender or ‘Kinners’ but to convey a message that being born as a third gender is not a curse and they are also humans created by God just like so-called ordinary people of male and female genders.

September26 episode:

Yesterday’s episode was full emotional scenes and starts with Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) sending everyone away, and Harman (Vivian Dsena) starts reading the letter written by Soumya while she was at home. He feels emotional to read her confession of love towards him and plight and pain she feels being a ‘kinner’ or transgender.

She thanks him for the love he gave during her stay at his home and asked him to remember ‘Soumya.' She tells that she will always remember him and asks him to accept the sweater.

Harman cannot forget Soumya:

Harman wears the jersey but takes it off but can neither throw it nor keep it.

Harman faints wondering why he is unable to keep or throw the sweater. At the kinner’s home Soumya answers Kareena’s question about love, marriage and ‘sasuraal’ and tells that love is what her mother, sister, and Harman does to her.

Just then a car comes and drops a baby in the cradle outside the house, and Kareena tells that its child’s parents who have dropped it in the cradle as it may be a ‘kinner’ too.

Guruma checks the baby and declares that the baby will be called Amrit and asks everyone to prepare for celebrations.

Soumya insists that she will take the baby to the parents as the baby also needed love and care as any other child but Guruma refuses and tells that Soumya could keep the baby but will not get any food.

The story is an emotional spinner, and every episode leaves audience about the double standards of society towards the third gender who also deserve same rights and respect like all other humans.

Stay tuned as future events will have a lot more churning of emotions.