"Z Nation" is one show that just doesn't linger too long in one place and that was seen this week when a "New Mission" became apparent. Murphy's new talent of turning people into his submissive subjects with just one bite has given him the idea of creating a new world of "Blends,"one in which he is the leader.

Murphy's law!

These Blends are half zombie, half human people just like Murphy, but he has a hold over the ones that he bites, he controls their minds. This makes Murphy the one who could potentially rule the new world, that is once he bites enough people to collect a following.

The new mission of the "Z Nation" crew is to stop Murphy from creating a world of Blends. To do this they need to capture him and get him on an aircraft carrier with world famous scientists together on a floating Chinese lab. From there they will make a vaccine to save humans.

Murphy wants nothing to do with their new mission and as the AV Club News suggests today, you can understand why. First they set out for the CDC which ended up as a farce on a boat, which Murphy narrowly escapes when it blows up. Now Warren and the crew want Murphy to get on yet another boat, this time with the Chinese equivalent of the CDC.

A new mission!

In the beginning of this episode this new mission came slamming down around them.

This came via a doctor that needs Murphy's blood to make a vaccine for this disease turning folks into zombies. Warren, Doc, Addy and Hector are captured by Dr. Sun Mei and her group of militants. Their mission is to find Murphy and bring him out to their aircraft carrier off-shore so they can use his blood for this vaccine.

On the hunt for Murphy

Warren, Doc and the "Z Nation" crew are the handcuffed prisoners of this doctor and her group until they meet up with too many zombies and the good doctor trusts them enough to help fight the flesh-eating creatures, so she sets them free. They get back their weapons, which have been modified for them by the group who are manning the ship off shore, and they all take off to hunt down Murphy.


Suddenly a new group of people have evolved, "Enders." These are humans who have fried brains and they dress like cavemen killing anything in sight, including humans. A battle with these Enders leaves the doctor the only survivor of her original group, but Warren's crew comes through with flying colors.

10 K's confusion

Because this doctor has absolutely no training in defense, she is basically a sitting duck. Warren takes her under her wing and off they all go to find Murphy, who by the way has 10K in his group. Every time 10K tries to escape he finds himself back with Murphy and he has no idea why this is happening. One minute he is running through the woods and the next he is back with Murphy.

The fans find out before 10K does when the bite mark is seen on the back of his neck. Murphy has bitten him, making him one of his blends and controlling his mind.

Zombies eating zombies - extinction list?

"Z Nation" is now a world where zombies are so hungry, they are eating each other and the Enders appear as another wave of entities evolving in the world. The Enders seem to be more of a problem for Murphy and the crew than zombies, because the zombies are busy feasting on each other now.

Their new mission is to capture Murphy, with "Man" on their trail. They have to do this while fighting Enders and zombies!. Citizen Z left his Arctic outpost with his dog and just as he was about to freeze to death he was saved by a fan.

He wakes up stark naked next to a naked woman, which confused him until she tells him that the best way to rid hypothermia is flesh on flesh!

Citizen Z's morning wood!

When he stands up for the first time with his morning wood at full attention, the girl's grandmother and uncle are gawking at him like he was just another piece of furniture. Nothing seemed to bother this laid-back duo or the girl who found him. It appears some comedy will come out of that house next time the show zones in on Citizen Z!