Justin Bieber thrilled plenty of people at the Iceland Purpose Tour 9th September. But it seems not everybody loves Justin anymore and one critic, in particular, wrote that she was "hurt, deceived" and insulted by Justin's performance. An articlepublished in the Icelandic Grapevine was hard hitting. The expletives in the headline are not really printable and the word "sucks" is mentioned. The tweets under the #purposetouriceland hashtag are few and far between for such a big event that saw 12 percent of the country's population turn out for the concerts.

Although the usual comments about him being an "angel" and to "die for" are there along with lots of photos, few tweeters seem to haveraved about his performance.

For a Bieber concert that is certainly unusual. What was not said was maybe reflected in the words of Hannah Jane Cohen when she wrote her story about what she described as a lazy, mediocre performance with too much lip-synching. "Darling your songs are not even hard to sing!" she wrote. EvenSturla Atlas who opened the show performed better and gave it their all, according to the story, but Justin, in comparisonapparently, "just (wasn't) trying. It felt like it was just another paycheque for you. What are you even going to spend it on?

More stupid face tattoos? Maybe you should get “Mediocre” tattooed on your forehead. That’s what you deserve."

Did this critic tell it like it really is?

This is a music critic who told it just like it probably was. Watching thevideos of Justin, the verve just does not seem to be there. There is a lot of running and strutting, but the vibe comes across like the end of term concert at a pre-school kindergarten.

And the Icelandic Grapevine did not leave it at that either. Ending the article were the words " *** you Justin. I’m really upset. And it’s too late to say sorry, baby. You showed us. We’ve been showed. You’re a talentless hack. I know what your mindless Beliebers will say, “Where are Ü now?"

We all know that people who read articles hardly ever share them on Facebook, so the 320+ Facebook shares from the small amount of Grapevine readers who read the crit of the Bieber concert indicates not everyone was over the moon.

The biggest complaint seemed to be that they came there to hear Justin sing, and he mainly lip-synched. As one tweeter wrote, sure it's hard to "run and dance for 90% of the time" but "singing for just 80 percent of the time feels like cheating." This seemed to back up the article's criticism where Hannah wrote"Justin, you’re world famous. People love you. People in Iceland love you. How dare you go on that stage and lip-synch about 80% of the time?"

Memory job - another poor recent review

This criticism jogs the memory, so a google search is called for. And there it is! The Detroit Free Press publisheda piece by music critic Brian McCollumon 27 April 2016. He wrote, "Operating somewhere between detached and disdainful, Justin Bieber delivered a show of sorts Monday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills."

Is Justin losing it? Is he bored and over it all?

Drum, a popular South African magazine with a huge readership reported on 6 September thatSAMA award winning singer Tresor topped bothRihanna and Bieber on the European charts last week. Bieber has the looks and the clothes and brilliant stage managers, and he obviously has some talent, when he bothers to use it.