When The 100 returns in 2017 with season 4, Clarke and the Sky Crew will have some tough decisions to make. ALIE was telling the truth about the nuclear disaster. There are only six months before the second apocalypse hits Earth.

However, the artificial intelligence also said the entire world will be uninhabitable except for four percent. Where are these locations? Is there safety somewhere over the water? Does Raven know the coordinates of the safety zones?

Not enough lifeboats for everyone in 'The 100'

At Comic-Con 2016, executive producer Jason Rothenberg teased that the nuclear disaster cannot be stopped.

With 96% of the Earth to be uninhabitable, that leaves only four percent of the planet that is safe. It is a tiny number consider how big the world is.

However, it is better than nothing. Rothenberg also said that there are not enough lifeboats for everyone. Not only will there be tough decisionson who gets left behind to die, but it hints water travel.

Port teased in season 4

Rothenberg's statement was not the only clue regarding going over water. On Instagram, writers ofThe 100wrote "any port in a story." The words were surrounded by a rectangular shaped decorative frame, which could be the edges of a window. If there are not enough lifeboats, will they find a bigger boat for everyone?

Will the Sky Crew attempt to build one, almost like a post-apocalypse Noah's Ark?

Of course, "any port" could also mean that they are on the water when the black rain starts falling. Heading to the closest port will enable them to find some sort of shelter or shield themselves somehow.

Raven Reyes might know location of safe areas

Lindsey Morgan's character in The 100 nearly died last season. However, Raven is alive and now has some of ALIE's capabilities.

For one, she is still able to read ALIE's code.

The character probably also has other skills that she kept after surviving the A.I.'s mind control tactics. ALIE likely knew exactly where the safe locations were. This means that in season 4, Raven Reyes mightknow that information as well. However, will they be able to get there or is there no way to reach the safe zones?

What do you think of this theory for season 4 of The 100? New episodesare scheduled to air on The CW network in early 2017.