Described as "cute and clearly in the throes of young love," by The Daily Mail, UK, the steamy photos trending on Twitter under the hashtag justinssextapeleakedparty are clearly not viewed in the same light by over 100k tweeters involved in the top trending Twitter US discussion 28 August. Apparently, Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie got down to a bit more than a few kisses and cuddles to celebrate Sofia'sbirthday inCabo San Luca Mexicoon Saturday.

No animation needed to excite imaginations

What started out as "steamy display" of kisses and cuddles down on the beach seems to have ended up as more than an eye-catching moment in public view.

The hashtag indicates there was a tape or vid leaked and thousands of tweeters are asking for the link. So far, a few parody vids have popped up on YouTube, but the images on Twitterclearly seem to show hanky panky that needs no further animation to excite the imagination.

Dissing Sofia over eye-popping images

The tweets around the eye-popping images range from people wanting to join the party, to those who think Justin should be left alone to celebrate his young love anywhere he chooses, but the general reaction seems to be that this type of behavior should at least be taken to the privacy of a bedroom. Other are hitting out at Sofia, saying that no nice girl should allow this type of thing to happen in the public eye.

'You know what's' and omg

Meanwhile, Hashtag Now is lagging on the story.

Hours after the top trend seared the eyeballs and imaginations of hundreds of thousands, their site still showed that "so far no-one has explained the hashtagjustinssextapeleakedparty."No doubt this story will be explained in full in days to come. Fans are on tenterhooks to find out what really went down as images of "Justin's" you-know-what" vie side by side with um...gymnastic positionings from the girl in the photo.

What the people are saying

While many people seem to be disgusted, everyone loves a drama and there is a wee bit of jealousy leaking out, with one tweeter torn between anger at the fact this was public, or that it was some other lucky girl who got to "do it." Others are a bit over the fairly graphic photos.

Others are angry that the public is invading Bieber's privacy again, but many people feel that "hey- private is private and public is just asking for it."

Both disappointment and disgust are emerging - after all, how do you carry on justifying your fav to friends and family after this?

A common question is "what is going on," and close behind is "I thought this fake but then I saw the photos" and "be like..." with some really amusing comments and image compilations.

Ironically, the scandal is trending on the anniversary of Bieber's What do You Mean? So far these very words seem to fit the questions of large numbers of Tweeters getting into the latest scandal on social media.