Singer Ke$ha proudly flaunted her imperfect beach body--booty, belly and all-- with perfect chutzpah. And people agreed her body was no less stunning for those "flaws." It should be noted that showing off her curves in public didn't come easy for Ke$ha (to give her the correct stage name). The 29-year-old has battled an eating disorder plus major body image and self-esteem issues. Kesha's pictures also beg the discussion that not everyone whose BMI may put them in the obese category is unhealthy or overweight. Where Kesha got the courage to stand proud was an interesting story, too.

A body-shaming Internet troll called her names, Kesha decided to shut him up in a cheeky way.

Love your "f--king magical imperfect" body

The term "imperfect" was how Kesha described herself when a body-shaming Internet troll called her an "ugly wh-re." Actually, her full retort was that yes, she was not perfect but she was pretty "f--king magical" all the same. From the beach body pictures you may agree. Where anorexia sees a "big butt" or "fat stomach" a clearer vision sees rippling muscles, strong, toned arms and legs and healthy, curvy breasts and bottom. Eating disorders see everything as ugly and fat--which made the bully's comment particularly hurtful to Kesha. A lot of weight loss such as withRafe Spallis prompted by body image issues.

But those whose eyes are not clouded with self-loathing see beauty, glowing good health and radiated positivity. And now Ke$ha too can see the loveliness that hid behind the body shame.

Kesha bares butt to hush body-shamer

Earlier this summer when the bullyingfirst started, Kesha found a way to make body-shamer the butt of the joke.

She rear-ended the critic, literally, posting a picture of herself mooning him. Instead of an "ugly" butt, people saw a pretty booty-fab backside! Ke$ha also wrote the bully a very humbling public post stating that in the past, her low self-esteem would have taken such hateful comments personally. But now she has found the courage to talk back to bullies. And her act of defiance could pay it forward for others who are bullied or suffer from body shame or eating disorders. They may find their voices and shut their bullies up, too.