Dr. Phil McGraw has aired two of the three part interview series of Burke Ramsey, older brother to the beauty queen,Jon Bonet Ramsey. For those who don't remember her, she was a six-year-old little girl who was reported to be kidnapped on December 26, 1996. She was found hours later in the basement of her home, dead with a head injury. Burke agreed to appear on Dr. Phil to try to bring the focus back from who murdered her to remembering her as the 20 year anniversary of her death approaches later in the year.

Jon Benet remembered

Her mother, Patsy was thought to be her murderer for a long timeand eventually was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Later, the police thought that John, her father may have been the real killer and Patsy was protecting him. Now, many media outlets and viewers have wondered if Burke was the one who did it. As it turns out, no one in her family was to blame, and we are not any closer to finding out who really killed her 20 years later.

Burke's words and weird facial expressions

Burke's facial expressions trigger a media frenzy. He appeared to smile when talking about Jon Benet's death. His reaction was creepy and became a "hot" topic on social media. Dr. Phil explained later that he wasn't smiling because he was happy or to imply he killed her. He smiled because he has an anxiety disorder and talking about her on camera made him nervous.

He said that Burke has been sheltered from the public most of his life and doesn't know how to act appropriately.

Last Interview

Today, Burke will tell McGraw that this is his last interview about Jon Benet and he urges the police to find her real killer. He revealed that he promised his mother that he will continue to seek Jon Bonet'skiller even after her death.

The father, John revealed that he will not grant another interview either, and believes that her death was linked to him and his business somehow . He has never been able to pinpoint the exact cause but believes a connection exist. John wished the police would have spent less time harassing them and more time looking for justice for his precious baby girl.

Who do you think killed Jon Benet? Do you think they will ever catch her killer? Watch Burke Ramey's final segmenttoday on Dr. Phil on CBS. Check your local listings for time and channel.