Celebrity diet and weight loss are probably the two most popular search terms.There's tons of different ways Celebrities have lost weight: gluten-free, no-carb, low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free, dairy-free, ketogenic, paleo. There's one feature that most weight loss success stories, like Adele, ITV "Emmerdale" Lisa Riley, "American Idol" Jordin Sparks and others include: low-carb vs. no-carb. The X-Factor Diet promises the best of all worlds: lose obesity, lower insulin, and drop pernicious belly fat without going carb-free. In fact, medical wisdom says gluten-free, zero-carb diets actually fail to drop pounds because they nix healthy fruit and whole grain carbohydrates while overlooking the real enemies: refined sugar, processed, junk, and fried foods.

CelebrityAl Sharpton went vegan (no-carb) and his doctor ordered him to add some good carbs. Jonah Hill actually gained weight eating carb-free Here's why.

Ketogenic low-carb trumps carb elimination diet

With weight loss, as with other health issues, it boils down to common sense. And any diet that tells you to eliminate entire food groups isn't sensible. You obviously need healthy starch and carbs in every aspect of your life. Carbohydrates are fuel cells, providing energy. Whole grain carbs and fruit provide vitamins, fiber, omega oils, MUFA(monounsaturated fatty acids) needed to break down saturated fat. Your brain feeds on healthy glucose sugars. Going no-carb also sets up dangerous starch and sugar cravings.

Starch fills you up and stops binge eating. It keeps you from going crazy with hunger. You can burn belly fat just as well, maybe better, eating low-carb (vs. no-carb) and choosing healthy fruit and grain sources. Low-carb ketogenic diets put your body in healthy, bad fat-burning ketosis.

Don't ignore the sugars for the starches

Many folks who go low-carb get the wrong end of the fork. They ruthlessly root out gluten and starch carbohydrates while ignoring the most dangerous carbs: refined sugar, processed,junk, and fried food. Ironically, sugar is and always has been the target of zero-carb diets. Processed sugar is the one thing the body can live without in the list of carbohydrates. Yet the anti-carbers forget this so easily. Clean up theempty carbs that provide no food value (soda pop being the worst offender), eat the good carbs in moderation, and you'll lose weight.