Fox News roving reporter Jesse Watters is reportedly "perving" for Bill O'Reilly's "pleasure" after he is reportedly seen on camera "ogling" his recent interview subjects. Many of his chosen subjects seem to have something in common these days as their cup, or more like cups, runneth over with cleavage. Is this such a good idea after Fox, along with Bill O'Reilly's name, have been hung out in the dirty laundry of sexual harassment claims?

Still with the sexism?

Watters does his man-on-the-street routine called "Watter's World" for O'Reilly's show and while it is quite entertaining, some find it riddled with sexism.

A recent segment reportedly morphed into a stalker-like situation leaving Fox Newslooking like their recent testosterone-driven sexism problem is far from being extinguished, according to The News Hounds.

Watters paid stalker?

InThe News Hounds recent report, they describe Watters as "Bill O'Reilly's "paid stalker," after a segment revealed Watters going after a reporter who did not have nice things to say about the 'No Spin Zone" host. With O'Reilly as the puppet-master and Watters as his puppet, the roving reporter "stalked"the female journalist, according to this report.

Edits make the women sound 'stupid'?

While this incident alone might not have raised many red flags, Watters is seen recently roving into places where the people he questions for the topic of the day are mostly female and scantily-clad in a bikini.

The interviews with these women appear edited to make their answers appear rather "stupid," according to this latest report.

Andrea Tantaros named O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly was one of the men mentioned in Andrea Tantaros' lawsuit as someone who sexually harassed her. This also comes on the heals of Fox News settling lawsuits with Gretchen Carlson and other unnamed women for sexual harassment.

After the "Watters World" segment, Bill O'Reilly chimes in with his comments on the discussion Jesse had as the roving interviewer. He often finds comedy in some of the rather foolish answers, but are these really edited to sound this way?

While the questions being asked by Watters usually pertain to politics or something along the lines of being patriotic, it is the edited answers that seem to make most of thewomenlook as if they are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

As News Hounds reports, Jessie seems to gravitate toward the female persuasion who all seem to have the same type of over-endowed assets! What do you think? Is Watters' World just a funny segment targeting both men and women equally, or is Jessie going after a certain population in beach-going garb? Do you find sexism weaved throughout the "Watters World" segment?