Burke Ramsey, brother of murdered 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, horrified people in his first-ever murder tell-all to Dr. Phil McGraw. Ramsey, who was 9 at the time of his sister's killing in 1996, has long been suspected. When he opened up for the first time in 20 years, Burke shocked and angered a lot of people. Dr. Phil promised answers to the unsolved murder of the Boulder, Colorado child beauty queen but so far, the first two parts in this 3-part series have only served to further polarize. Did Burke Ramsey, mom Patsy Ramsey, dad John Ramsey or an intruder bludgeon, sexually assault and strangle little JonBenet?

Burke Ramsey sickens viewers

Ramsey was one of only three people in the family home the night JonBenet was killed. He was young at the time but not so young that he was excluded from suspicion of killing the child or complicity in her death. He was interviewed by investigators and a child psychologist but those tapes were never seen and somehow went missing or were suppressed. John and Patsy Ramsey hid their son due to media and public attention No one ever heard Burke speak about his sister's death and that gave rise to a lot of speculation on conspiracy theories. For the 20th anniversary, Burke the agreed to answer all questions Dr. Phil put to him. Dr. Phil was also able to access the interrogation tapes and watched them with Ramsey on the show.

He says it provides the "missing link." It's not exaggerating to say that Burke literally turned folks' stomachs with his answers and behavior in interviews.

The famous Ramsey smile

So the public was promised answers and Burke gave them. In the first two parts, he patented denied ever intentionally hitting JonBenet (he accidentally smacked her with a golf club once).

He denied that his mother Patsy hit JonBenet or was ever anything but loving. He denied any knowledge of sexual assault against his sister or raping her himself. In the last part Burke will answer whether his killed his sister or knew what happened. It's expected that he will say no. So what so creeps people out about Burke?

It's the way he smiles and even giggles even when discussing his sister's brutal beating, death, possible rape and funeral. It mirrors the glittering-eyed grin he was always seen wearing even in the interview tapes. People pose different reasons: drugs, fear, shyness, emotional illness, sociopath, autism and guilt. Folks are divided over his innocence and Dr. Phil hasn't bridged that. This remains one of the most mysterious celebrity deaths ever. But one thing people agree on is that Burke's behavior is downright disturbing.