Paulie Calafiore was the frontrunner in the Big Brother house for weeks. He had the game locked up and everyone making the moves he wanted without even realizing they were his puppets. The path to $500,000 looked clear and then it all blew up.

Paulie lost it!

Natalie told James about some flirtation on Paulie's part but downplayed the flirtation on her side. James believed her and called Paulie out. Paulie, instead of discussing it, showed another side to his personality and began to personally attack Natalie. He made degrading comments about her breast implants, called her a "Jersey girl" as if it were something dirty and of course said that she had flirted with him as well.

The edit on theBig Brothershow did include a scene by the pool where her booty was discussed in a very flirtatious manner between the two.

Zakiyah was Paulie's showmance in the house. After her eviction Paulie bragged to the Big Brother houseguests about where all in the house they had sex and that he would never kiss her on the mouth. He talked badly about her after having already treating her badly in the house.

Paulie's parents are vocal on Twitter

Paulie's father took on Evil Dick on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. It was vicious and obscene. Neither side backed down and after hours of back and forth it ended when Evil Dick blocked Daddy Calafiore.

Now we have new Twitter tweets from Daddy Calafiore as well as Momma.

They are both very upset that Paulie was called a "sleazy scumbag" by Bridgette in the jury house. They say this is not game related in anyway and should not be allowed. Daddy goes on to complain that Natalie's claims were supported in the edit for the show while Paulie's side was not shown at all. They are angry at Big Brother and CBS for damaging their son's reputation.

In all the tweets during the exchange with Evil Dick and now this, we haven't seen one at all where Paulie's family is acknowledging any wrongdoing on Paulie's part. His parents show total support of their son no matter the situation or his actions.