Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia, who is only 7-years-old has been kicked off Snapchat after being reported by concerned users, who were looking out for her well-being, that the little girl was engaging in late-night conversations with total strangers.

Farrah Abraham not concerned over daughter's social media activity

Some very worried Snapchat users stepped up looking out for the girl reporting her activity to the social media higher ups which resulted in her account being deactivated. The said users stated that they were worried that her activity could lead her into potentially dangerous encounters.

However, the "Teen Mom OG"cast member Farrah Abraham begs to differ and has come to the defense of her daughter revealing that she is fully aware of Sophia's online activity, and that she allowed her to engage in conversations stating she was by her side the entire time supervising. A couple of issues here, not only do the said reporters feel that this is not an appropriate forum for her, it is a big no-no. The rules clearly state that Snapchat members must be at least 13-years-old.

Snapchat deactivates 7-year-old Sophia's account

Following the complaints, Snapchat fired out an email explaining the rules and deactivation to Farrah and her daughter. It did not take long after before Abraham responded publicly on the matter letting Radar Online, and the world know she was cool with it despite what others think.

This is not the first time Abraham has been called out for her questionable parenting tactics, she has, however, made it abundantly clear that she wants herself and her daughter in the celebrity news headlines, and has often been slammed for using any and all means to achieve her goals.

Farrah has also, over the past few years appeared to mirror her life after reality television, and the social media's reigning queen Kim Kardashian.Both women have been labeled as virtual nobodies who somehow found their way to success through sex tapes, reality television, and social media.