The spoilers tell us that Orpheus will be returning to Salem in an upcoming episode. There isn't a lot of backstory given, just that he is a sadistic killer that wants to go on a killing spree in Salem and Eve is at the top of that list.

So who is Orpheus?

Orpheus, Milo Harp,was on Days of Our Lives in 1986 and 1987. He was partnered with Roman Brady in the ISA. While on a mission against the KGB, Orpheus' wife came to warn them of a KGB ambush. Roman heard footsteps and called out for the person to identify themselves but got no response. He aimed in the direction of the footsteps thinking the KGB was coming up on themand pulled the trigger.

Romanwasdevastatedwhen he realized he hadaccidently killed Orpheus' wife. Orpheus, on the other hand, was convinced it was intentional. He left the ISA and began a wicked plot of revenge to hurt Roman as he was hurting from the death of his wife.

Orpheus and Roman fought in Stockholm before they returned to Salem. Once home, Orpheus blew up Roman's home with Marlena, his wife at the time, inside it -- or so Roman thought. Roman, thinking Marlena was killed in the explosion didn't know that Orpheus had kidnapped Marlene and had taken her to a private island where he forced her to be a mother to his children.

The story between the two finally ended when Roman caught up with Orpheus on the private island where he shot and killed him, though the body was never found.Of course this was after Roman witnessed a plane crash that he thought Marlene was killed in.

The mental game Orpheus played with Roman was cruel and well planned at every turn.

Where was he for almost 30 years?

According to the evil Orpheus has been in prison with some fellow Salem bad guys. Clyde Westonand Xander Cookpartner up with Orpheus and the three plan a prison escape together. Each returns to Salem with a different agenda.The original actor, Milo Harp will play the part again. The spoilers give him a lot of credit for being perfect for the part. We will meet him very soon as Days of Our Lives returns next week.