Celebrities show the world your penis month is apparently underway! NBA star Draymond Green kicked off the month of August making celebrity news headlines after he Snapchatted a photo of his erect penis, since then we have now seen Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber penis photos shared online and it is only August 5th!

Celebrities gone penis crazy!

Is this the newest celebrity trend for summer 2016? Bloom stirred up social media on Wednesday after nude photos of the actor on vacation with girlfriend Katy Perry showed up online. No biggie, right? Guess again, Orlando, 39, was enjoying his day of fun in the sun, while beachgoers were enjoying the sight of Bloom paddle boarding naked, basking in all of his glory while he and Katy enjoyed their vacation in Sardinia.

Hello Orlando Bloom!

Props to you Orlando Bloom, and to you also Katy Perry, we can see now why her very religious parents are asking fans to pray for her. They seem to believe that Katy, 32, is living a bit of a wicked lifestyle, maybe they are right? Can't wait to see what they think about this!The thing is, now, Orlando may be facing a sizable fine for nude paddle boarding. We think that is the only thing he is even a little worried about covering.

Bieber is not to be outdone by Bloom!

But hold up, we are not finished yet with the showdown of celebrity penises. You did not think that Justin Bieber, another known celebrity proud penis owner was going to outdone by Bloom, did you? Just hours ago new photos of Justin Bieber hit social media, and yes he is also naked!

The photos are of the 'Biebs' and gal pal, Sahara Ray vacationing in Hawaii. This is penis photo number two for Justin.

And to think we may owe all of this manly, media boasting all to Draymond Green, who claims he "accidentally" shared his penis pic by mistake. Green has also apologizedand has recently received a sizable cash offer to star in his very own Vivid Entertainment porn film. Accident, or not, you have to agree that Draymond is sitting back somewhere pleased as punch with himself.